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[Ocean Team] March & April’s first time revisit

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Reister NOW!! 馬上註冊,了解更多活動內容,享用更多功能,讓你輕鬆玩轉S&B。

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After a long break, we decided to join S&B again to spice up our sex life.

As we have already joined before, the application process was pretty straightforward to us. James just updated us with the current affairs of the club. We also told him what are our likes and don't likes, and he was very understanding and supportive, and we really appreciate that!

As a couple playing together, we have to be careful to not step over each other's boundary limits. That's why we chose to only play together. I'm thankful to a beautiful wife that allows me to fulfill most of my sexual fantasies, and is open to explore her sexuality and desires as well.

Wouldn't go into too much details about our activities for that night as it has already been mentioned, but we would like to thank 村上 for briefing us and taking the initiative to kickstart the night's activities for us. Thanks for taking the job of satisfying her lower part. Look forward to play with you again.

We understand it's not easy to approach a couple due to the pressure from the spouse. For us, we also are not sure who are comfortable with playing with couples, so for the name list, maybe we would suggest adding us as a couple instead of individual so we would know who to approach. What do you guys think?

Looking forward to meeting more people at the party soon!
Post time 6-12-2022 20:51:42 | Show all posts
It is inconceivable that I can have a discussion like this with my partner. I guess it could happen in my next life...  

Circling back to your question, it is possible that you and your wife will join this activity individually? You said you want to spice up your sex life, is it a must to spice it up together? It would be like traveling to a country together, and by yourself, and then letting her to go alone. The overall experience could reach another unexpected level!? Of course, there is always a sharing session afterward...  
Post time 27-11-2022 10:38:02 | Show all posts
Kundera replied at 14-9-2022 21:49
Me and my GF are still exploring the possibility of having threesome sex.

It’s good to hear that y ...

I had a similar conversation with a girl in my past. She was very down for a threesome, but...
She said if we did a MFF, she also wanted to do a MMF. I was OK with this, but she wanted the other guy to be someone I really didn't want...

Anyways, it was a lot of negotiating. And in the end it didn't work out. But I hope the best for your "negotiations"

Post time 27-11-2022 10:44:25 | Show all posts
I think it's amazing that you and April are so open and accepting of your desires.
I'm not in a relationship, but when I go on dates with women, I sometimes casually bring up whether or not they'd be up for something like S&B in the future (not right away, of course). Having a more open relationship is something that I definitely think will be a part of my life, so it's great to see it working out for the two of you.

Hopefully we'll all meet at an event one day.

Post time 2-11-2022 21:21:18 | Show all posts
Ken replied at 2-11-2022 19\"\"
I admire the relationship between you and your wife. To me, it's very difficult to bring up the swin ...

Hey Ken,
I hope you can work on the deep trust and communication in your relationship in future. Both regarding S&B and general life. I find being honest is often best, but I understand it can be difficult.

And hopefully we'll meet some day
Post time 3-11-2022 00:28:14 | Show all posts
slippy replied at 2-11-2022 21:21
Hey Ken,
I hope you can work on the deep trust and communication in your relationship in future.  ...

Hi Slippy,

Surely it's a life long learning process regarding relationship, especially on deep personal issues.
It takes trust and courage to open your deepest side without feeling judged by your partner.
Post time 8-9-2022 14:51:20 | Show all posts
Welcome March~~ (๑ºั╰╯ºั๑)
It was very nice to meet you two~~~(ฅ´ω`ฅ)
Thanks for joining us~

Honesty is one of the most important elements that in a relationship~~
It is very good to hear that you both are very open minded and have a negotiation before joining the party(= ̄ω ̄=)
Have fun~~(๑•̀ᄇ•́)و ✧
Post time 6-12-2022 22:57:56 | Show all posts
Hi March, it is not easy for a couple having a mutual interest in taking part in a sex party
I always agree that having an open relationship could enrich the intimacy of a relationship or even a married life. It is just a matter if your partner has a common thought.
Glad to read about your expereince
Post time 8-9-2022 15:31:23 | Show all posts
Hi March!
I would like to say you guys are brave enough!
I'm appreciate that you two confess what's your needs.
And very supportive each other.
That's really great!
I'm respected to you guys~
Hope i can meet this lovely spouse soon!!
Wanna chat with you guys!
Post time 6-12-2022 21:21:24 | Show all posts
Nixon replied at 6-12-2022 20:51
It is inconceivable that I can have a discussion like this with my partner. I guess it could happen  ...

Sorry... forget the key point - Lady first      <Happy wife, happy life>

Post time 14-9-2022 22:06:52 | Show all posts
Bro, it must be a challenging mission. Balancing the possessive, jealous, romance and lust is like walking on a wire. And u 2 are even walking on the same wire. The trust and openness in U2 is admirable indeed. All the best on the adventure ahead!
Post time 14-9-2022 21:49:01 | Show all posts
Me and my GF are still exploring the possibility of having threesome sex.

It’s good to hear that you and your partner enjoyed the party.

For us, your experience are very encouraging.

Unfortunately, my GF is not in HK. One day, we will do it.
Post time 2-11-2022 19:46:03 | Show all posts
I admire the relationship between you and your wife. To me, it's very difficult to bring up the swing party idea to my another half.  That would take a deep trust and communication to step foward
Post time 8-9-2022 13:40:03 | Show all posts
Hi March

It’s not easy telling other half about a mutable understanding of sex.
You two are the wonderful definition of love.

I look forward to meeting with you and April and hearing more about that.

Post time 9-9-2022 14:16:38 | Show all posts
It's wonderful for couples who can set the sex boundaries and enjoy an open relationship together.  Hope both of you can enjoy the times and explore your fantasies.
Post time 14-9-2022 16:43:40 | Show all posts
Hi march
That is amazing, you two are very luck, can meet each other and can play together, it is not easy, i am so jealous
Really look forward to see you guys
Post time 8-9-2022 15:06:28 | Show all posts



Add post (8-9-2022 19:16):
Oh sorry not sure can you read Chinese anyway looking forward to see “you” (as a couple) and know more to each other!
Post time 13-9-2022 12:56:39 | Show all posts
Welcome back!
Threesomes involving couples could be overwhelming!
I had related experience, can't wait meeting you two exchanging ideas~
Post time 8-9-2022 13:13:28 | Show all posts
Welcome back!
Such a special experience to meet you both in sex club. Hope can see you soon
 Author| Post time 8-9-2022 19:47:50 | Show all posts
Thanks guys! Looking forward to meeting and getting to know more about you guys too!
Post time 15-11-2022 00:41:17 | Show all posts
You are very blessed to have such a partner!!!
Post time 18-1-2023 12:07:47 | Show all posts
Is good experience to share and remember
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