Swing and Bang Club 【 S & B 】 - Safe Sex Club .....[我們都是友善、不甘於生活平凡,敢於面對自己所需的人]


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註冊入壇<必睇> / before Registration<MUST READ>

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Reister NOW!! 馬上註冊,了解更多活動內容,享用更多功能,讓你輕鬆玩轉S&B。

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Please read through below if you would like to know much about S&B.


Your user account may be deleted without notice if you do not follow the registration procedures of below.

請注意:S&B 舉辦的成人聚會,只集合對Sex有興趣的男女,提供較安全的環境和守則去分享趣味,
Attention: The aims and objectives of S&B are to provide a safer and rule-controlled environment for people who are interested in sex.
Nobody is guaranteed any body contact with anyone in a party.
Please respect yourself.

1. S&B 會網上使用的登名(Login Name):
    a. 登入必須是一個全新的假名,本會鼓勵你在活動時也使用這個假名以作稱呼。

             Login Name must be a new fictitious name, you are encouraged to use this fictitious name in our club activities.
       This fictitious Name cannot be same as or similar to ALL of your email address. Moreover, it cannot be used in any other real or virtual environment. (e.g. in your daily life and internet world)
    b. 切勿為這個新改的名字去開一個新的電郵,這是不接受的做法。
         Please do not create another genuine email address for the new fictitious name as it is not acceptable.                            
    c. 名字請使用方便讓人稱呼的(不要加上姓氏,無論真假。也不要加上數字),會較為親切和讓人易於記憶。
        ( 如打算想參加活動,亦認為自己的登入名不恰當,可電郵swingandbang@gmail.com,把戶口刪除重開,或交申請表時提供三個名字以上 由會方選擇並更改。
    Your Login name should be easy for other people to call and remember (Please DO NOT add Last Name, even if it is not real.  Do not add any number either.)
       Change of Login Name - please send email to swingandbang@gmail.com to contact Chairman and provide 3 or more options to amend if you think your Login Name is inappropriate.

      d.swingandbang@gmail.com 只接受參加表格,或要求刪除戶口之用。如再發信到此電郵,單純要求改名(無附上參加表格),

         The email address "swingandbang@gmail.com" is only served for receiving application forms or requesting removal of user accounts. Emails with requests of changing names only(without attaching any application forms) will not be replied, and will be treated as requests for account removal. (You may consider to re-register afterwards.)

     Only ONE Login Name is allowed to be used / owned for each person. Chairman approval must be required in advance if you need to delete or add Login Name.

3.請如實填上性別,出生年、月和日,可自願性填上<strength>(強項,可參考〈索引表〉)和<dislike>(壓惡,可參考〈索引表〉) 和電話號碼(只有會長可見)。

   Please fill in your real information such as gender and date of birth. Moreover, it would be appreciated if you could fill-in the part of your <Strength> & <dislike> and telephone number.
   i.Your <Strength> could be anything, not limited to sex only.
   ii.Your personal information such as telephone number would be hidden and keep confidential, i.e. only Chairman can see it.
  In the club’s website, please DO NOT disclose any contact information or expose your real identity, including any text, pictures and all types of media.  Offender's account may be deleted.

想參加活動的人士,可參考 [ 參加活動 之 流程 ] 。
You will receive an email to activate your account after registration. Please check your registered email inbox (or junk mailbox),
you will become【Forum Intern】after your account is activated.
【Forum Intern】have the right to read most of the club information that you should know, including Club Rules and status of our activities. However,
  you are still not yet authorized to join our activity. Please refer to [workflow of joining activity] if you would like to join our activities.





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