Swing and Bang Club 【 S & B 】 - Safe Sex Club .....[我們都是友善、不甘於生活平凡,敢於面對自己所需的人]


Author: Chris
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港大生習作~Wild City:Swing & Bang Club in Hong Kong

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nice vid ;)
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呢個港大習作個感覺唔錯喎, 公平地俾一個組織去表達自己嘅理念.
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唉.. 香港人其實真係最識扮野.
內心勁想要... 但就死忍.. 真保守.. 假開放.. 絕對係100% 事實.. 最近成人展竟然有廠商比人告...... 話明成人展 都可以告... 多得果一班道德人士.

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Super Hot!  And exactly what I have been searching the entire world for!
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Wow, sex party around TST and the Island on tour bus - cannot get any more unreal than that!

Thank you for making this video Chris, it's good to finally be able to put a voice behind the name. I completely agree that organizing clubs such as this one is not harming anyone. If anyone has any desires to cheat, they will seek out venues one way or another. What you are organizing are venues for consenting adults to meet and share their bodies and souls in an environment that is respectful and free of judgments. The genuine moments of connection you are creating is rarity in a place like HK that caters around appearances and money.

I would love to be able to chat with you one day and understand what motivated you to start this wonderful club.
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Very informative video. Totally agree!
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#Quick reply here#第一!每次係人地動後見到有自己出現都好開心
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I found this video is in Chinese and subtitles also running in Chinese. How I can found English version. I'm really eager to see Chris's interview in English. Anyone can help me.
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That’s could be a very nice experience. Thanks for sharing
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被訪者都唔可以表示曬全部人, 就算佢哋有興趣都唔喺鏡頭度講,
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Hi i saw that video.
Great production and great content. Thank you for that
Try to "undemonize" our activity is great, people are a bit unaware of their own feeling or desire, by that we enbrace our.

Your story kind like the organiser that i've worked with (that also made a sex bus tour and more)

Nice being around with you all
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I think many people are afraid to admit they want to experience a sex party, or they don't know how to bring the subject with their partners, or they just don't know enough about it and have misconceptions. It's a good idea to share more information like Chris is doing about what sex party actually is, and other related advice on it.
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It is absolutely great to express an idea, "We HK ppls can be truly open-minded, but not hide behind an illusively open but conservative mask."
If it is not harmful to others, if it's not illegal, it's ok to do. And bringing each other fun can surely life happiness of the whole pressured society.
Good job!
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學生攝影師取景選址都不錯,蘭桂坊,a place to see and to be seen (by 盛智文)。

"more than sex you can get"
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Well produced!

Only been to HK once. It does feel like a special place. It's as a feeling of openness of sensuality but everyone is hesitant until respectfully given permission to do so. Ironically the majority of society is brainwashed that sex is a dirty disgusting thing if there more than two people.
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I definitely agree with what you guys are doing, society sets these social norms and rules that we “subconsciously” follow. I myself have been brought up in a conservative setting, led to believe that I have to stay within the confinements of having 1-to-1 relationships. The truth of the matter is that no matter what I do or how hard I try, it is within my nature - “human nature”- to want to explore and seek to explore. And for years I thought it was just me that was going through this, thinking there was something wrong with me. But I’m quite glad people like Chris have arranged groups like this; even at a forum level - not participating in any activities yet - people like me can express ourselves and our inner desires.
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